OKR Free Book Festival

Support Literacy in NYC!

Our Kids Read, in partnership with the NFL Black Engagement Network, is bringing a Free Book Festival to Amber Charter Elementary School!

In March 2024, we will bring storytellers, West African drummers and free passes to join the OKR evening virtual Reading Buddies program to Amber Charter School - East Harlem location.

Event Partners:

Key Partner

The NFL Black Engagement Network (BEN) actively supports the needs of New York City's most vulnerable from serving in soup kitchens to mentoring to food and book drives.

This time the NFL BEN teamed up with Our Kids Read, an organization that promotes literacy and has as its core mission sparking the joy of reading in K-5th graders.

NFL volunteers will join OKR staff in early March 2024 at Amber charter school for a Free Book Festival! Each 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade Amber Charter School student will get to pick out 3 free books from over 70 available diverse African-American, Native-American, Asian and Hispanic titles. Preceding the free book fair, students will be entertained by drumming by master rummer Fitzgerald Sam and master storyteller and musician Simi Murumba.

Pick one of two (2) ways to support

OPTION | 1 Give the gift of a book in the virtual book drive
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Donate one or more books for children to take home with them during this event. Here is a sample of the diverse books that we will be bringing to this event:

OPTION | 2 Donate to Defray the 5K event cost
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OKR is a 100% volunteer organization but we do pay contract musicians, storytellers and part-time staff. Please donate to support the cost of bring the best event possible to the students we serve.